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My name is JB McGinnis.  I am the owner of JBM Seminars. In a matter of years, I’ve gone from living paycheck to paycheck to being able to retire at the age of 46. This allows me to travel the world and pursue my passion for helping people all over country improve their credit, manage their debt and gain financial independence. This was not an easy task, but with hard work, discipline and great choices I managed to save my first $100,000 in a few years. This changed my life and I want to share my techniques with you.


The program I have designed is a step by step process that is easy to follow. It covers topics like being a financially intimate couple, teaching your children to be financially responsible, how to keep the money you are giving away today, the quickest ways to increase your credit score, a fail-proof budget and much much more. The key is your psychological aspects to debt and not necessarily your income. Education, smart choices and discipline are great factors as well.


You will ultimately waste thousands of dollars by not educating your self or paying someone to handle your credit and debt management issues. Sign up and take my course for a fraction of the cost and learn how to maintain your finances for life.


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