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  Financial Literacy, Credit and Debt Management Education
During my presentation we will discuss a step by step process that is easy to follow. It covers topics like being mentally ready to handle money, doing a financial risk assessment, teaching your children to be financially responsible, how to keep the money you are giving away, the quickest ways to increase your credit score, a fail-proof budget and much much more. The key is having the correct mindset, understanding your psychological aspects to debt and not necessarily your income. Education, smart choices and discipline are also great factors that will help you succeed.  If you are looking for a fast money making fix this is not the course for you. This takes time and discipline, however if you change your mindset you can take control of your financial life forever.  Remember "Mindset first...Money Second".

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The Power of Great Advice

Are you sick of living paycheck to paycheck, having past due bills or just want to save more of your income? You have come to the right place. During my live or virtual seminar, we discuss over 30 topics that helped me eliminate debt, save, invest and retire at the age of 44.  I'll share them with you and help you take control of your money issues now.


“I literally saved thousands of dollars by attending JB's seminar. The secrets and techniques he teaches are easy to implement and ingenious.”

J Nunez US Army


Attend my webinar from the comfort of your home and learn secrets to

change your mindset, save thousands and find money you are giving away. Follow my plan and you will save money to pay for this course today

Online Webinar +
One on One
Follow up Call

Sign up for this option and receive a follow up call from me to confirm your webinar teachings and ensure you are on your way to solving your financial issues.


Jbm Seminars conducts live in-person seminars to groups of up to 500 or more. You will leave with a step by step plan to turn your financial life around. Contact me for a quote.

Contact me for a quote at

About us

Inspire Financial Literacy: Book My Seminar for Your Organization or Youth Group! 


I'm JB McGinnis, the driving force behind JBM Seminars. Imagine a journey from paycheck-to-paycheck living to retiring at 44, enabling me to explore the world and passionately guide people nationwide towards credit improvement, debt management, and financial autonomy. This accomplishment was a result of hard work, discipline, and astute decisions. Now, I'm eager to share these transformative techniques with you and your group!


Are you ready to equip your organization, youth group, or community with the tools to master their financial destiny? Imagine hosting my seminar, tailor-made to engage and inspire your group's unique aspirations. We'll embark on an enlightening journey, diving into practical, step-by-step processes. Topics covered encompass nurturing financial intimacy between couples, empowering youth with financial responsibility, retaining funds that often slip away, unlocking swift credit score enhancement, crafting an unerring budget, and more. Remember, it's about understanding the psychology of debt, making informed choices, and nurturing discipline – not merely focusing on income.


Don't let a lack of knowledge drain your potential! By investing in this unique opportunity, you're investing in lasting growth and financial prowess. Secure your spot now and watch your group's financial acumen soar as they embrace effective credit and debt management. This isn't just a seminar – it's a transformational experience that will empower them for life!


Join me on this remarkable journey. Reserve your seminar today, and let's empower a future of financial excellence together.

JB McGinnis

Owner, JBM Seminars

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Coming September 2023

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